Member of KLUH Group International (Germany)




Our parent company (Klüh Multiservices) takes pride of an unsurpassed track record in providing top quality cleaning solutions worldwide. We, at Berkeley Services Group - UAE, make sure we complement that in every way


The cleaning management team ensures that all operatives are fully trained (BICSC Standards) and that the best use is made of 'man and machine', coupled with sustainable cleaning practices and highly competitive prices Berkeley really do represent the best choice in the market


When it comes to the equipment and chemicals used, we make absolutely no compromise to deliver optimum results with minimum footprint on the environment


Our dedicated staff undergo regular in-house training and also participate in development program of British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) to comply with the latest in industry guidelines and good practice

  • Commercial Properties

    Dubai is often referred to as the ‘Shopping capital of the World’. Berkeley’s cleaning expertise is present within all the UAE’s world class malls providing services to both retail and F&B outlets.

    Additionally the UAE’s famed business and corporate sector number among our many satisfied clients making full use not only of our cleaning services but also Berkeley’s many support services.

  • Residential Properties

    From Residential Towers of staggering architectural design to high-end serviced apartments, whole communities and worker’s housing we have a service to suit all.

  • Hospitality Sector

    Our clients within the hospitality sector number among some of the World’s most prestigious and talked about hotels and buildings all relying on our bespoke cleaning services.

  • Aviation Sector

    Dubai – ‘The busiest passenger terminal airport in the world’ – Berkeley has a large presence in both of Dubai’s airports providing terminal, landside and airside cleaning along with the industrial aircraft hangar cleaning and providing airport auxiliary facilities.

  • Industrial Sector

    With our knowledge and experience Berkeley are able to provide deep cleaning and post construction services to manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

  • Health care Sector

    The specialization needed for hospitals and clinics is an area Berkeley is very proud to deliver on.

  • Events

    Not only is Dubai famed for its shopping and business sectors but also for its many social and sporting events. Pre-cleaning, Event cleaning and Post Event cleaning are all services offered by Berkeley.